“A Single Man: One Chinese Bachelor’s Search for Love”

Good recently ran an interesting read that follows a Chinese man’s quest for love. The authors identify the following three reasons for the Chinese sex ratio imbalance:

  1. Decline in fertility
  2. Women, in turn, want to make sure that the children they have are boys
  3. The availability of sex-selective technology

I was surprised to see there was no mention of Hvistendahl’s book…Having read it, I think there’s a bit more to the reasons that are presented in the article. In any case, here’s part of the article:

As they sit around the table enjoying their meal and smoking, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn to women—the ones who got away and the ones who never were. In China, they say, there is nothing alluring about the bachelor lifestyle. It calls to mind visions of monks in saffron robes, not sexy James Bond-like archetypes. “I’m a traditional Chinese man,” says Chen, who dreams of raising two children, a boy and a girl. “I prefer to have one woman all my life. If I have too many girlfriends, it’s not good.”

You can read the entire Good article here.

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