Up for discussion: Unnatural Selection

For our upcoming discussion of Hvistendahl’s Unnatural Selection, here’s some questions to consider:

  • What was your general impression of the book? Likes/dislikes? 
  • Why don’t we hear about sex selection more often as something to be aware of? Why haven’t more human rights organizations and public health officials taken a stance on the situation (or have they)?
  • One NYT reviewer proposed curtailing access to abortion in response to Hvistendal’s book. Has the book challenged your opinion on abortion access or other sex selection methods? Here’s Hvistendahl’s response to the NYT’s review. 
  • How can we move forward with what we’ve learned from reading the book?  (How) has the book changed your perception of how colonialist history, international development, public health/reproductive health campaigns, $$$, and population goals intersect? And how do they impact our understanding of ‘cultural norms’? How can the trend for sex selection be reversed?    
  • This DoubleX reviewer says the book “should be required reading. It might be the most important book written about women in years.” Thoughts?

Looking forward to our discussion!

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