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Good Morning, Baltimore

I just ran across this post on Colorlines about quite unethical lead poisoning research in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1990s.  I think sometimes we look at more historic projects like Tuskegee as artifacts of the past from which we’ve learned.  … Continue reading

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Story-Editing (or, The Qualitative-est Data)

Story-editing is a simple technique that can be used to encourage individual behavior change.  This piece from Timothy Wilson also succintly characterizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a concept that, admittedly, was almost incomprehensible to me in a number of CHE or … Continue reading

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Dorothy Roberts: “Fatal Invention”

Over at Colorlines, Julianne Hing has an interview with Professor Dorothy Roberts on her new book, Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the 21st Century.  The premise of the book examines how scientists still focus … Continue reading

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