Sonia Sanchez and The Furious Flower

It’s not often that I take a moment to dote on the institution where I completed undergraduate work, James Madison University.  However, JMU is home to the Furious Flower Poetry Center, which explores and celebrates the African-American female experience through poetry and spoken word.

Furious Flower recently held a celebration of the poetry of Sonia Sanchez in June.  Check out this post over on 100 Memoirs about one teacher’s experiences with this amazing workshop.

My hope is that some of the ideas and values woven throughout Sonia Sanchez’s poetry will be a part of our September discussion about The Color Purple.

Peace and love to all.


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2 Responses to Sonia Sanchez and The Furious Flower

  1. shirleyhs says:

    Thanks for this ping back to my blog. It allowed me to find this very interesting blog and you!

    I am a great fan of what Joanne Gabbin is doing at JMU. And the workshop was truly amazing. Hope you can make a connection to the discussion of The Color Purple also.

  2. jaredshenk says:

    My apologies for taking so long to reply to this! I’m still on the wordpress learning curve and busy finishing up a masters thesis like some of the other contributors on this blog. I am glad you found us! Our discussion of The Color Purple was very enriching and you can see in a more recent post that we’ve moved on to another selection. We’re also actively trying to attend events like Furious Flower at the University of Minnesota, where all of us attended graduate school. Best of luck in your work in the Valley.

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